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Packaging is the #1 growth area in printing

Collaboration in Package Production is the magnet which will connect the manufacturers/suppliers of printing and packaging equipment, products, substrates, consumables all the way to the finishing and converting systems to complete the packages with buyers and purchasing influencers.

Unique Applications - Trade Show - Education - Networking

Partnerships and Co-Locations Boost Buyer Attendance

Beyond our comprehensive cross-media marketing campaigns these partners will ensure Buyers

  • ISA 2017 Co-located show – Commercial Printers, Sign & Display Shops and more (wide format inkjet)
  • PIA of Southern California (PIA)
  • Visual Media Alliance – Northern California (PIA)
  • Printing Industries Association of San Diego (PIA)
  • Western States Printing Alliance – Arizona (PIA)
  • Pacific Printing Industries Association (PIA)

Exhibit Here for Maximum Return on Your Investment

  1. Multiple Shows Co-located at One Perfect Location, at One Space in Time
    Suppliers don’t want more shows – they want collaboration & we deliver! Enjoy more Buyers at one time reducing exhibiting & travel expenses for greater ROI

  2. Penetrate the Under-Served West Coast Market and Beyond
    Most industry shows are in the Mid-west and East Coast, The West Coast Buyers are excited to have a show to call their own ... and attend

  3. Limited Space to Maximize Engagement
    Collaboration in Package Production is a TARGETED event designed for strong Buyer – Exhibitor Ratio, engagement = More Leads and Sales at a very reasonable cost.

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