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NEW Strategies

Bringing the solutions to converters...wherever you are! Whether online, or in your backyard, CPP will offer you the variety you need to most effectively ensure your goals are achieved.

With a global-focused event located in a demographically dense converting community, we have an EXCLUSIVE CONVERTING-FOCUS that allows you to take see and experience the solutions you need in an environment that also gives you a preview into revolutionaray printing technologies that will impact your future. Continue to experience the one-to-one customer service that has become synonymous with our brand and our team. Experience cost-conscious opportunities that deliver results for both buyers and sellers. Contact us today for information:

NEW Opportunities

In these continuing, challenging economic times, we know the importance of dialog between suppliers and buyers, so we're bringing you together - and we are bringing educational programs, as well as new and enhanced partnerships that support this dialogue.

Working with GASC, we are committed to bringing together all converting, printing and finishing technologies under one roof, at one time. Participation at CPP EXPO over these 4 days in time will be your most cost-effective and time-efficient endeavor.

NEW Partners